Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Copenhagan Was a Failure

Yes it was. Well if you really wanted to see the results that should have happened. Will that happen in a years time when the next conference occurs? I think we will not see the result the earth needs. But who cares? Skeptics say the earth is cooling. But cooling is just as serious. Greatly affected parts of the earth will wipe out population anyway. Veritical farms using city skyscrapers are touted as being a way of producing food and there are many unused sky scrapers in all cities but they will need lots of energy especially in cool or frozen environment. And so we get back to the energy question. Renewable energy will be of utmost importance to keep the ship sailing. Mining coal,uranium, and oil will be all that much harder in a frozen environment and will therefore become prohibitively expensive. Wind blows almost continuously in polar regions. It probaly will do the same when the earth is frozen over large parts of it and wind generation will be one of the main power sources.We had better get on greatly increasing renewable energy NOW and not wait if what's has happened in the Northern Hemisphere this last twelve months is any guide.

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