Monday, November 16, 2009


A few days ago Sydney received the worst dust storm in history. Of course Sydney has had many dust storms over many years as has most of Australia, but this one was THE WORST for Sydney. In my opinion global warming could be the genesis of more of these to come. After all the world’s weather is doing strange things nowadays resulting in horrendous destruction more often than usual, and even more extreme events could occur in future, and not too far down the track at that. It blew many many tones of top soil and fertility away but for this dust storm, what is of concern also is the fact that this dust came from dust in the heart of Australia where uranium mining is active, in particular Olympic Dam. A mine which is intended to be increased in size to a hole three kilometres wide, four kilometres long and one kilometre deep. True, the radioactive dust was diluted in the mix, but it spread out all over the Eastern States and even as far as New Zealand. With greater intensity and frequency of extreme weather events expected as global warming occurs it would not be too difficult to imagine, that we may be entering a time when carcinogenic certainties manifest themselves in the same way as we have seen in the asbestos scenario, as we will be receiving more radio activity than we would have normally from background radiation, this dust once driven deep into the lungs could cause 20-100 times more problems. And it only takes a minute particle size of plutonium to cause cancer once in the lungs as specks of plutonium are still lying around from the Maralinga atomic tests in the 50’s and we also have rare earth metals associated with uranium and all tailings from mines release radon gas. With the new scenario emerging this time all of Australia’s population will be at risk, which will have even greater consequences. And this of course will happen anywhere in the world where this scenario occurs. It must be added to the list of reasons why we must not go down the nuclear path and why we must adopt the very sound reasons of producing our power from renewable sources.

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