Sunday, February 1, 2009

Commit to New Technologies

This planet is on a course for massive global warming. It is difficult to see if anything will arrest this as not only do we have global warming we also have world economic problems. But there is a way to help both. Global warming has to be considered the only issue, as we will not have an economy if we do not stem global warming. Presently politicians and business do not understand how serious it is. On the technical front we have the know how to produce 100% of our power needs from renewable sources. When the true cost of the market system is seen in terms of environmental degradation as it is at present only then will we be in a position to understand how to run our economy in a manner that will also help the environment. Today our market system is still based on the theory that there is no biophysical limit to growth of the market system. We are still in the age of trying to find new environmental horizons and plundering expectant wealth those horizons might reveal and plundering what we already have. There is no possible way to grow our economy using the old system. That’s why it’s imperative we change our ways now and one of the ways to help is to inject massive funds into renewable energy. It is a sunrise (excuse the pun) pursuit. It will provide much needed jobs and grow the economy in an environmentally responsible manner. Similar economic management has been done in many times of recession or depression e.g. the building of the railway system although back then there was no understanding of environmental issues and purely economic gain were to be had. We have that environmental understanding now, be it very limited, and we can now move ahead with the environment in mind. “Dramatic immediate commitment to nurturing new technologies is essential to averting disastrous global warming” –Jeffrey Sachs director of the Earth Institute Columbia University.

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