Friday, September 21, 2007

We Can Have Solar Thermal Now

Peter, I think it’s about time you state that renewable energy is able to supply 24/7 power at base load for industry. Every time you mention solar and renewables you virtually never mention solar thermal power. And when you have mentioned it you certainly have never said that solar thermal power (CSP) is different from solar photovoltaic power in that it is a system incorporating the storage of the sun’s energy enabling 24/7 base power for industry. Many systems of storage are available and turn out to be rather cheap to do. Mills, Khosla and associates are building the first utility scale power plants in the USA supplying power for 10 cents/ KWH now and all America’s power is touted to be able to be supplied by solar power alone! And Europe, Africa, the Middle East and China are on the agenda for this power system using High Voltage DC transmission lines. Australia has abundant renewable energy and solar thermal power is a must for Australia. Why have you not informed the completely unaware Australian public that solar thermal power is able to supply base load, medium and peak power 24/7 and this can and should be done here in Australia now?
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A wide range of renewable energy sources could form part of
Australia's future energy supplies under a Labor government,
opposition environment spokesman Peter Garrett says.

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